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meet christopher bernard nelson born september 18, 1981 in jamaica this deadbeat currently lives in orlando fl and works for nanaks landscaping as a irrigation technician in longwood fl ill leave his ssn out of this one lol. ladies beware of this termite he has 3(possibly 4)children ages 4,7 and a newborn all by different women 2 in florida 1 in new york (and 1 age 6yrs old in jamaica possibly)the one in jamaica he claims its not his but he such a liar you neer know and he takes care of none of them he only goes to see one of his kids that lives in florida and he only goes to see him when he feels like which is hardly he rather drink all night long party and sleep around with different women by the way he has trichomoniasis so beware of it he doesnt support any of kids he is a real loser chris had a son that was in the hospital in palm beach for a several months due to being born premature and has only seen him 4x or 5x times but yet he manages to drive down to palm beach to see his girlfriends which he has two in palm beach and a few in orlando and one of the girlfriends in palm beach has a 7 year old son which the sperm doner plays a father role and going to his little league games after only knowing them for 2 months instead of spending time with his own kids how disgusting is that. he only puts on a front to women to seem like hes charming and mister wonderful but this man is a true nightmare and a walking STD christopher rather spend his time and money on someone else child then is own he doesnt pay child support(yet) but all that is about to change real quick quicker then he thinks he doesnt call or vist his kids he changed his number twice to avoid his responsibilities he thinks if he ignores the child support agency to do a paternity test that nothing will happen hes in for a big suprise. the child he has in new york he doesnt even know where in ny he is he doesnt call or try to get in contact with him. he left jamaica and never looked back to take care of his child down there either hes scum. beware this man will be lurking for his next victims couch to squat on. he likes to lie to his new women by saying he only has 2 kids or he might even denie his own child just to get some p***y and the dumb ones always fall for it and then they learn in the end that he was full of it after they been used and cheated on by him check his track record, he even got one of his baby mothers pregnant while he was in a relationship with his girlfriend of 3 years. he goes around telling all his females he wants a daughter from them and how much he wants to get you pregnant and marry you and live a happy life and then when he gets you pregnant around 3 or 4 months after that he turns into a real trashbag and runs out on his responsibilities all he wants to do is trap you hes never stayed in a relationship with any of his babymothers the only one he did was for 2 yrs when he was in jamaica he didnt have a choice and had no where to go cause his own father didnt want him in his home and he left her in jamaica the first chance he got when he got his paper work to come back into the usa since hes a dual citizen and he never looked back since he left. girls do yourself a favor when you see this walking STD you better run as fast as you can like usain bolt!!! this man is a professional liar i mean a compulsive,pathological liar he lies about lying trust me you will fall for his lies that how good he is at it dont ignore the RED FLAGS!!!

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