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#Addy Sophie on Facebook a deadbeatmom a lier and cheater tore her family apart walked out on her kids 3years old & 11/2 and i and quit her job so she dont have to pay child support #adelynsophoninstagram which i did and even tho this was all due to u being unfaithful behind my back and when u got caught u ran to that piece of shit #LouieAranda and moved in with him and walked out on our kids and i and made up a shit load of lies about me to get people to feel sorry for u so u could use me as a fake excuse so they didnt know the truth which was u were cheating with him behind my back and got caught and than ran like i caused you to trip and fall on his 55 year old nasty ass dick which proves u have no respect for yourself and thats so sad walked out on your family when we didnt even have problems u just lied and made some up so u could cover up the fact that u had been lieing about him for a long while way before u got caught going to his room and than comimg home to me playing me and lieeing you loved me but really you dont love anythimg not even our kids shit u dont even love your self because u promised it wouldnt happen again i promise u baby please trust me i promise i will necer hurt u again and what the hell did u do exactly what unsaid u wouldnt after u just got caught with #TonyRios your cousin 8 months earlier how discusting you especially after i did nothing for u to do that to me just like when u cheated on me 2 months after we just became a couple and u moved into my apartment at collage place apartments with your ex Nate and u had no fucking reason than other than u have no respect or morals or loyalty because your just a hoe like everyone told me u where so damn sad u ruined straight fucked up our family our kids and i lives all because u dont and cant be a faithful woman so discusting

December 16th, 2015 by
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