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Alicia Weber, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

This individual Alicia Weber of Pawtucket, Rhode Island has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report said: This bitch claims she has moneyÉshe doesÉshe gets SSI (because she has mental issues), her sons SSI and steals her own disabled mothers SSI and blows it at the CasinoÕs. She frauds the SSI, Welfare and IRS systems. She is an attention seeker, sheÕll do anything for attention. She has a nerve to act like a black chick when sheÕs straight up white and then goes around calling people Òniggers!Ón She keeps her kids fathers from seeing them and then claims they donÕt take care of them. Her oldest son doesnÕt even like her. She claims she is quote and quote ÒballingÓ and pays 1300 hundred dollars in rent when she is living in housing because she couldnÕt afford $800 apartment.n She treats her disabled mother like shit and only has her living with her because her mother is waiting for a settlement.n She claims to be quote and qoute a ÒladyÓ but she goes around talking like a pirate and fucks random dudes from the street and trying to start fights with everyone.

March 27th, 2017 by
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