Andy Nguyen, Omaha, Nebraska

This individual Andy Nguyen of Omaha, Nebraska has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report said: This guy here is a coward. He got me pregnant on purpose. He basically rape me cause I told him I didnÕt want a kid. IÕm still young and havenÕt achieve my goals. He wanted a kid an he wonÕt even be there for his daughter that he wanted. When I told him I was pregnant he made up so much crap about not wanting a kid. Than out of the blue he disappeared and this chick name Lena, his friend, who I never seen a pic of or talk on the phone started to message me. This supposedly chick tells me heÕs in jail and blah blah. Andy would call every 2/3 months privately when he supposedly was in jail. Come on everyone knows when you call from a jail cell itÕs collect call. He would say he miss me and crap. .such a lie. It would go on til I gave birth to my daughter. Even when she was born he would call every 2/3 months. When my daughter was 2 months i decided to do some research and what I found was unbelievable. I found pictures of him an a chick who seems to be a wife and a baby girl who looks just like my daughter. And when he called the next time he called me, privately again I confronted him an he said sheÕs not his. Like yeah right. An than 7 months pass, I stop hearing from him. 7 months later when I heard from him he tells me heÕs sorry, blah blah and that he was doing all that lying cause he was trying to get custody of his daughter. Which sheÕs in Vietnam. An than he tells me he had a 5 month old son. And IÕm like what the Heck. He is one heck of a liar and also I donÕt even know his real name cause he lied about everything. A coward who only knows how to lie an canÕt even keep it straight. He gave me to many fake them, itÕs hard trying to get child support on him.

December 30th, 2016 by
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