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Angel Antonio Gonz‡lez, Brooklyn, New York

This individual Angel Antonio Gonz‡lez of Brooklyn, New York has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report said: This piece of crap lives 50 yards away from our children and sees them every 4 months , and because of me putting pressuring on him every time. He has a new girlfriend i get NO CHILD SUPPORT maybe if he stops trying to be a playboy and get a job INSTEAD OF DRINKING AND BEING WITH HIS FRIENDS!!!! PULL HIS PANTS UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE HE IS 25 WHEN HE IS 36 !!!!!!! I FEED AND CLOTH MY CHILDREN EVERYDAY I CARE AND LOVE THEM EVERY SECOND AND THIS PIECE OF SHIT TREATS THEM LIKE THEY ARE ACCESOry MEANING IF HE FEEL LIKE BEING BOTHERED , HELL REALIZE ITS BEEN 16 YEARS AND ITS THE SAME THING HE WANT TO GROW UP I FEEL WHEN HAS CHILDREN YOU BOW DOWN TO JESUS AND PRAY THAT HE GIVES YOU THE STRENGHT ,WISDOM , UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE TO RAISE THEM IN THIS COLD WORLD WITH HIM , BECAUSE THIS INCECT OF A MAN HAS NOT A ONCE OF RESPECT TOWARDS HIS CHILDREN AND WOMEN !! HE MISSED OUR 1ST SONS PROM and thats what my son needed was HIS FATHER THERE HES NOT WORTH MY SONS TEARS , I HAVE ASKED THIS MAN TO HELP ME HAS OUR YOUNGEST HAS AUTISIM TO HELP ME MORE WITH OUR OLDER 2 AND HAS NOT STEPED UP YOU TELL ME WALKING YOUR CHILD TO THE CORNER OR DOWN THE BLOCK LIVING SO CLOSE WHY WOULDNT HE DO THAT !! I LIVE IN A DANGEROUS CITY AND THE LORD HAS BLESSED ME MY KEEPING MY KIDS SAFE I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY HES NOT IN LOVE WITH HIS CHILDREN ????????? Beware girls his personality is charm but his heart is hallow. So many times he has left our kids standing. So many times i struggle to get milk and bread. Splitting myself in four.

January 14th, 2017 by
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