Belinda Ressa Richardson, Lithonia, Georgia

This individual Belinda Ressa Richardson of Lithonia, Georgia has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report said: HereÕs my story. My name is Belinda Richardson. I am 45 years old, very unattractive, overweight and desperate for a manÕs attention. My ex-husband is a convicted child molester and the little boy(wannabe man) that I am with now (Darius West, see previous post)) has 8 children all by different women. I have several children also by different men but they treated me wrong so now I am angry at the world. I lie and say that I work in law enforcement but I really work as a cafeteria aide in a local high school. I harass and threaten to kill my manÕs baby mothers and their children because he is supposed to give me all of his money and not take care of his children so I spent my MotherÕs Day 2015 in the local jail. I donÕt care that he doesnÕt provide for his kids and owes child support as long as he fucks me good then IÕm good to go. Life sucks for me but I know I canÕt any better man in my life so I might as well settle for him. I am very jealous and insecure of attractive, business minded women so if you see me on the streets beware!

February 21st, 2017 by
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