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Bloodsucking Leech. Narcissist.

Bloodsucking Leech. Narcissist. Pathological Liar. Deadbeat Dad. Criminal Record. Cheater. Where do I begin? He””s the most selfcentered, manipulative jerk on Earth. Not particularly handsome, he has a huge overbite which makes him look like one of the Simpsons. And he””s losing his hair. Totally obsessed with himself and his body. Hasn””t held a real job in years, I’ve seen him leech off of socalled business ”partners” who usually dump him or throw him out after a few months. He’s also obsessed with making quick money. Ironically I inherited half a million dollars after I dumped the cockroach…dodged a bullet!! Unless you enjoy serving his every whim and picking up the tab (he will never pay for any meal) avoid him like all the STDs he reportedly has. See womansavers.com for more complaints of his cheating and lying.

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October 22nd, 2016 by
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