Brandon M Black, Las cruces, New Mexico

This alleged deadbeat Brandon M Black of Las cruces, New Mexico has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: He was a horrible father when we married and then he cheated and kicked us out to marry the woman he cheated on me with! They worked together and she new he was married but she still pursued him to break up or family and he was stupid and fell for it and gave up his loving beautiful family and married her just for money he always was into older rich women so they would take care of him and buy him what he wanted! He has hurt me and our daughter so bad he will not pay child support so i had to go to child support enforcement and for a year and a half would job skip and lie just to avoid giving his precious money away to his daughter so he can buy a 45,000 new truck and guns and eatout all the time oh and buy diamonds and flowers for the homewrecker but i never had a real diamond wedding ring or a present for my birthdays or holidays. Luckily i would make sure to put money away for gifts for my daughter but he could have cared less and expected my family to support us and our daughter! He had the nerve to say in court i was a horrible housewife and he worked hard to give us what we wanted haha the only time i would get something nice for myself was when my parents would occasionally get me something and i am so thankful that they spoiled my daughter because i want her to be happy and now that i am a single mom with lupus and failing lungs without help from her dad i still am going to work as hard as i can so my daughter wont have to grow up in poverty! His name is BRANDON MICHAEL BLACK and his mistress wifes name is JULIA BLACK and they live in las cruces NM she is a nurse at Southern NM correction facility he was a seargent there untill he married her and quit the job he loved just so he didnt have to pay child support and so he could go to school and be a stay at home hubby!

February 12th, 2017 by
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