Brandon Rook – Vancouver – North Vancouver Canada

Brandon Rook is a true deadbeat. All facts taken directly from his own text messages and a journal written daily by his ex girlfriend who witnessed so much. Has a child about 11 and in November 2013 he bullied his ex wife to point he stopped paying child support. He was paying 1500 a month and decided no more. Cut her off and reluctantly split extra expenses only. Many entries where ex girlfriend wrote she questioned his actions. There is so much in the journal. One disturbing entry was text exchange with ex wife where Brandon Rook text … I hate you I hate you I hate you. Who says that to a mother of child? Guess a deadbeat. He disclosed he lived in fear as local paper had document his actual pay and he was worried he’d have to pay more child support if she read it. The ex wife was in new relationship and then he chose to cut off child support. If this woman was smart she’d ask for child support for back years and BC will allow you to go back 7 years and be based on CRA reported income. Maybe both are daft but what father fights over 100 of extra expenses. Cheap and deadbeat.

December 23rd, 2016 by
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