Brandon S. Elario, Reno, Nevada

This alleged deadbeat Brandon S. Elario of Reno, Nevada has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: HeÕs ÒLiving the Dream!!Ó according to his LinkedIn profile. No individual that is this morally bankrupt deserves the honor of being called a ÒmanÓ.; He uses, abuses and destroys anyone, anything and any establishment that crosses his path until they no longer serve his purpose and are swiftly disregarded and discarded. He has a documented/witnessed history of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, isolation, stalking and harassment towards his wife during her pregnancy and in front of their child. Called in ÒsickÓ for 95% of the pre-arranged visits he made with his wife to see his child even though she willingly drove their child to see him the remaining 5% of the time. All he had to do was show up.; He was evicted from the apartment he once shared with his wife, tarnishing her once flawless rental history because she fled with just their child, some clothing and their childÕs bed. He also left unpaid bills to NV Energy ($300) and Charter cable ($190) in her name, making it impossible to establish power in her own name once she was able to finally find a 1 bedroom apartment willing to accept her rental credit and lack of financial stability.; He is currently approaching the $7000 in arrears mark for unpaid child support. HasnÕt willfully made an attempt to contact, see or even so much as ask about his child since July until the Family Services finally caught up with him recently to garnish his wages from his current place of employment and now he suddenly feels entitled to see his child during the holidays.; Brandon is a habitual long-term substance abuser and prioritizes his finances towards funding his addictions to meth, prescription pills, pot and need for high end, flashy items and electronics, etc. over being physically, emotionally and financially involved in the care of his child with documented special needs.; He was arrested for entering a court house to obtain a restraining order against his then and current live-in girlfriend (Amber Boss of Reno, NV) with meth, illegally obtained prescription pills, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a weapon and a failure to appear (yes, you read that right ~ he walked in to a courthouse with all of the above in his pockets Ð proof that heÕs so arrogant, he still believes rules and laws donÕt apply to him Ð hereÕs the link; He did ÒvoluntarilyÓ entered a drug rehab facility this summer that was graciously funded by the State/ tax payers. However, it was later discovered that his timing conveniently coincided with his girlfriend kicking him out and her attempt at temporarily returning to the father of her children (aka Brandon was officially homeless and rehab housing, food and assistance with obtaining an eye exam and contact lenses was free and afforded him a reduction in completing court ordered community service hours). His wife foolishly helped get him set up with the rehab, drove him to the bus station headed for Elko and closed their child support case (he was already $5000 in arrears at this time) because they were issuing a warrant for his arrest less than a week after he left, sadly she did all of this because she desperately hoped he was finally going to get his life together so their child could truly have a father for once. Needless to say, he was kicked out of the sober living house because he was caught violating house rules on 3 separate occasions and secretly returned to Reno, moved back in with and financially support his consistently unemployed, drug addicted girlfriend with a history of violence (who is also documented as abandoning her obligation to her 2 children by 2 separate Washoe County arrest records within a 13 month period). He failed to contact his wife and child when he returned for nearly a month and only reached out after she contacted his family to ask about his whereabouts in August 2015 once the facility notified her that he was no longer there.; Since then, he has worked at various jobs, yet failed to respond to the DAÕs letters of request for child support payments and the only payment he has made thus far was via a garnishment in October 2015. This individual should be ashamed of himself for leaving his wife and child in a state of financial ruin/poverty, as well as leaving the sole %100 responsibility of physically, emotionally and financially caring for their child on his wife, especially seeing as her father was diagnosed with cancer and 1 week later, her brother was killed in an accident this year. Instead, in his true self absorbed narcissistic nature, he ridiculed and blamed her during their recent phone conversation for his neglect and absence because standing up to his typical bullying antics by saying his actions are not acceptable makes her a true villain, and he of course,the victim in the mess he continues to perpetuate. So yes, he is definitely ÒLiving the Dream!! citizens of RenoÓ Ð the Dream of a Deadbeat Dad! I must say, weÕre not impressed Mr. Elario!

March 17th, 2017 by
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