Braylon Marshall, Houston, Texas

This alleged deadbeat Braylon Marshall of Houston, Texas has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Braylon Marshall is a totally DIFFERENT breed of deadbeat!! This is the most sorriest, evil, spiteful human being I have ever crossed paths with..when I met him in 2012 he told me he had NO children!! The nigga even told me his name was Derrick!!! It wasnÕt until after I became pregnant that I started finding out EVERYTHING he told me was a lie! He indeed had multiple children prior to meeting meÉ.he had two names tattooed on him and told me they were his nieces that passed away! YES this Nigga tried to kill off them babies in his headÉ.headÉbeautiful little girls! One even as old as 9! Braylon has NO desire or intentions on ever being an example for ANY of his kids not just my son! I have NEVER asked this man for ANYTHING! LITERALLY NEVER! My son is 3 years old and Braylon canÕt even tell u my sons birthday! He says he doesnÕt give a fuck about making all these babies (did I mention two of us were pregnant together and he also just had twins this year!) so right now he has 7 childrenÉ.4 of which were born in the last 3 years! Braylon has NO SHAME!! He doesnÕt care if u know he doesnÕt take care of his kids!! None whatsoever!! This guy only cares about making a dollar and whatever he has to do to get it whether itÕs stealingÉ(did I mention the Nigga stole my wallet before)! He does not care!! This man wished death on my sonÉ..his first born son! I donÕt mind sharing my story cuz I wish somebody had of warned me to STAY far away from him!! He appears to be a great guy when u meet him but trust me it only takes a second for him to show who he really isÉ.Braylon is the kind of person u think about when u talk about someone selling their soul! Recently he informed me that he does NOT love my son and donÕt give two fucks about him. I asked him well why would u tell him u love him?? This piece of shit excuse for a father replied Ó what u want me to do ruin him altogether? I rather give him fake love now do he will at least think I care about himÓ! Who in the hell says something like that?!! I have that entire conversation recorded just in case he tries to rephrase what he said! Ladies do urself a favor and stay away from this personÉ.this is me warning yÕall! Take heed to what IÕm sayingÉthis dude is a cold piece of work..and I donÕt mean that in a good wayÉ the way heÕs $9,864.00 behind in child support!

March 9th, 2017 by
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