Broderick York Taylor, Lexington, South Carolina

This alleged deadbeat Broderick York Taylor of Lexington, South Carolina has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Inhave a 8 yrs old by this man. He nevr denied my son he just doesnt acknowledge him. We slept together and when i said i was pregnant he ignored me since then.. one day i thought i outgrew the whole thing and we can be cool. We do have a kid so it was fine for 2 yrs he drove across state lines to see me. He spent 2 yrs convincing me to move to his city.. Then i never renewed my lease or look for a spot. On oct 26 he came to see me i told him i had a something to tell him.. I got my job transered finallyÉ He was cool he left then my son bday came i called him so we can move up there he never answered so i kept calling i was worried more then anything i didnt think he was doing the same thing again.. 2 months went by no response to my messages no nothing. I was living in hotel for 1 1/2 trying to get transfered back to my state my son was living with family.. And my whole life was in a storage unit.. When i finally talked to him after i posted missing reports on fb he finally answers and tell me, we was just having sex and i shouldve known not expect more but you spent 2 yrs convincing me to move with 2yrs long distance vdriving to see each other and i shouldve known that the father of my child eould abandon us againÉ After you did all that convincing worshipping to turn around and not answer.Im not strong enough but i been doing it but what makes it worst is females been inboxing me wishing i was dead telling me to find my real bd. But he never denied my son i just heard this so much so i asked him for DNA test he agreed said Ó yeah ill give you yhe test so i can take yhe lil boy from your crazy assÓi paid 225 and the next day he changed his number. Then his gf merecedes hits me up every month to remind me how my son father does nothing for him bc basically i took to long to trust him but he was lying the whole time. He wont talkt to me about being a father about him coming into my son life then leaving him like that and i might not nevervget an ansswer but my life wil be dedicated in destroying his im his 4th baby momma my son might be last but who knows he got 5 kids claim 2 po$ible 1 deny 2..

March 8th, 2017 by
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