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yes ladies this is the meatball of the year….he doesnt do shit for any of his kids he has 4….one about 5 yrs yunger than me (im ganna be 27 in a week)i jus found out about her after our devorce …. so that goes to show he ben a meatball most of his dumb,selfish life hes ganne b 44 about 6′0 ft tall,brown eyes and goes by B but his name is BRUCE ANTHONY SMITH…he moved back to ny around january of this yr …u kan find him in the bronx an manhattan …. and every were else he decides to look for his next victum…i have a daugter with this man an he raised my son….thats the only man my son knows …..its ben 6 mthns since he last saw his daughter and or my son …he hasnt seen his elderst since she was verry young an his other 2 since they were about 5 n 6…..hes wanted for child suppert an has lost all rites to his kids …..he has made one 15 dollar payment back in febuary an thats the last time he saw this little girl…i told him times are hard so do wat he kan an obviously thats nothin witch i shudda figured kus thats wat he does best.. besides abusing an leaching off his wimon…hes a big ass baby and hasnt for sum reason figured out how to be a grown ass man an take of his self and/or the babys he helpt make he is lookin for the next hand out….so please run an hide wen u c this meatball…

October 15th, 2015 by
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