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October 11th, 2015 by anonymous deadbeat


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Stewart Fry – DOB July 1, 1958 – Living either in Sooke, Aldergrove, Surrey, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Langley, or Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Owes over $50,000 plus in back child support to two separate children. In fact one mother has been waiting 29 years to collect. He is now a grandfather and does not see his children or his grandchildren. Information on where his past or present employment is greatly appreciated. He does auto body restoration and auto body painting.

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May 6th, 2015 by admin

This man is like the other losers on this site.. a deadbeat.

I was in a relationship with Michael Pedros for close to 15 years and during that time we did have a child.

I left the abuser.. and yes I can say that because he has warrants in Ontario for Assult and Uttering threats so there is just a tad of what this guy is like.

I left Mike January 2010, packed up 2 suitcases, and my daughter from the relationship and left everything I had accumulated during the relationship.

I will disclose that I am an alcoholic.. who is in recovery and been clean since July 24, 2010. July 22, 2010 our child was apprehended by CAS and July 23, I was in hospital fighting for my life as my B.A.L. was 1.08. Once I got my head on straight the first thing to do was to attempt to get my child out of the Children’s Aid. I would like to say that Mr. Pedros helped with this however when our daughter was in CAS he was contacted and did not even attempt to get his own kid out of care? WHO DOES THAT? This man was given the opportunity to come and grab his daughter and he didn’t however he did come to Ontario and flew the new girlfriend to his sisters wedding.. Seriously!!!

Because this individual is in the construction field I have not been able to locate him to serve him papers regarding custody or support. I mean how is this allowed.. how is this legal? He has a new child with the girlfriend (I am glad for the girlfriend because she kept him occupied while I got to work on me) But how can this “sperm donor” continue to make children and then dispose of them like an old toy.. Oh yeah I forgot it’s all about making the babies and not supporting them financially, emotionally, or mentally.

I think men need to understand that the issues young kids who do not have a father in their life are the ones who suffer. I mean abandoment issues are huge, rejection, low self esteem, and then usually drug and alcohol usage to cope with numbing the pain that “my dad doesn’t want or love me!”

I say fuck you to these losers….

Stand up.. be a man.. and pay for your responsibilities instead of everyone else.. including the government to pick up your pieces.

There are so many women on the system because of losers like this.. why should tax payers and Canadian citizen’s have to be responsible for these men?
Give the women who are on welfare and can’t locate their “deadbeat” a job within the government to locate these men.. guaranteed it will not take years for them to be found!!
I am a mother who will not give up the fight to find this guy because if my government isn’t doing anything… fuck them.. I will do it!!
Don’t give up even thought it is frustrating.. these dogs will have their day!! GUARANTEED!!

Karma.. what goes around.. comes around baby!!!

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December 24th, 2014 by anonymous deadbeat

Steve McPherson is from London Ontario, Canada. He is a deadbeat and fought against paying $100 in child support. He currently lives with another potentioal child abuser who has threatened harm to his child & he doesn’t care, he is spineless. He cant be alone and will take his child being abused over being alone.

He is a severe abuser. He has slammed girls against walls, held them down, threw them to the ground, choked them numerous times, left bruises up and down arms. He has a criminal record for all his abuses and it’s from MULTIPLE women! I’d be careful about being around him or hiring him unless you want trouble.

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October 28th, 2014 by anonymous deadbeat

This woman is absolutely crazy. She will not allow her daughter to have a relationship with her father and his family. She has brainwashed this poor child into believing that her Dad wants nothing to do with her, but truth be known, it is Julie who has made up lies to her daughter. She will stop at nothing and is destroying this poor girls life. A real mother would know that lying and constantly putting down her daughters father also hurts her daughter, as she is a part of him. Julie’s mother is the one who has always looked after her daughter, while Julie sits and drinks almost every night

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