Christopher James Kelsey, Florida keys, Florida

This alleged deadbeat Christopher James Kelsey of Florida keys, Florida has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This person is the ÒfatherÓ to my 6 year old perfect little boy. He bounced in and out of his life . In between his Ògetting sobetÓ while in rehab several times . He loves to stick herion needles in his arms. He is a pathological liar. And if you met him you would think he is a great guy. He is manipulating and has a dark side. He threatened to kill me seversl times. And after leaving him 4 yrs ago I still have nightmares he will get me. He no longer sees his son no longer calls and ows $7000 in chld support. THE best part is this ass has pictures on Facebook page ows the irs $60 000+ and when he does work he gets paid under the table . Facebook friend him lookup Chris Kelsey florida hhe is 35. Wonder if he ever thinks about what my son s having for dinner or if he needs anything. I DONÕT THINK SO

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