Christopher Kendrick, Fort Worth, Texas

This alleged deadbeat Christopher Kendrick of Fort Worth, Texas has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This deadbeat is the kind that likes to pretend he is a good dad by parading around and telling everyone how awesome his is when in fact he is a drunk, a liar and does nothing to support either one of his kids. He has a child with me and a child from his previous marriage. He managed to get his ex wife to agree to a Ò50/50_ arrangement so that he didnÕt have to pay child support. He sees this child on the weekends but certianly does not contribute to ANY of the childÕs expenses. Lucky for this kidÕs mom has enough money to support him herself. Now on to his second child (the child we have together). My son is 4 months old and he has yet to pay child support or even simply buy him a pack of diapers. I lost my job during my pregnancy and I really need the help. This fool tried to tell me he paid his first child support payment at a local CS office and that he even had a receipt. After he refused to show me said receipt I called the OAG I found out that it was yet another lie. When I asked if he could at least get some formula and diapers that I desperately needed he agreed but never showed up with the items. He claims he doesnÕt have the money to pay child support but he somehow finds he funds to go drinking at he bar every week. In addition he only gets visitation one hour a week and IF he actually shows up he is always late. He treated me horribly during the duration of my pregnancy and I even found his ass on Tinder a week before I gave birth to our son. The day after I brought our son home from the hospital he decides he is going to go party at a black light 5k run, get trashed and nearly arrestedÉThis guy the biggest loser and deadbeat; I wish I would have left him sooner. All that I have mentioned so far is just scratching the surface but IÕve donÕt have all night. Ladies, watch out for this one. He will try to manipulate you into thinking he is a good guy and as loyal as they come. HeÕs a liar. YouÕve been warned

April 22nd, 2017 by
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