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Daniel Brightbill. The deadbeat

Daniel Brightbill. The deadbeat is a deadbeat located in Colorado
Why is Daniel Brightbill. The deadbeat a deadbeat?
This is Daniel Brightbill. He is a deadbeat. He is 19 years old and we have a little girl who will be 5months old on the 25th. I was in love with Daniel, ecleast i thought i was. He wanted to have a baby and we did but was unplanned. He hasnt seen my little girl once and has left me to taking care of my little girl on my own and im only 17. He hasnt seen her once, not even when she was born. The closest hes ever seen her is by a picture. He hasnt even bought her anything. No diapers, wipes, clothes. nothing. All he does is lie and cheat. All he cares about is what girl is gona be layin in his bed every night, and hes already slept with every girl i no or ecleast has tried to and then tries callin me a hoeok if you say so buddy. He doesnt care about anythin or anybody but himself. Says he wont pay child suport or anything. He doesnt even care about his own baby. He never asks how she is doing or anything, all he wants is a bootie call and his family just wants a DNA test, so ima give them the DNA test and then they can stay outa mine and my little girls life. I dont understand how sombody can do this to us expetually there own kids.

December 29th, 2016 by
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