Daniel William Ford of Portage, Indiana

This prick, Daniel William Ford of Portage, Indiana has abandond his children and wife. He has previously abandoned two of his other children that he does not contact. This turd trolls bars and dart tournaments in order to find his next female victim. Dan Ford shovels cocaine in his face and has a severe alcohol disorder. Drinking rum and coke in an open container while operation a motor vehicle. Daniel William Ford will not hold a job of his own and will manipulate his female victims into funding his addictions (rent, groceries, gas, etc.). Dan Ford is a gypsy and will disappear when needed leaving behind unpaid bills, unanswered questions, and shattered lives. At 43 years of age, this gem has the mentality of a two year old. Tell him “no” and watch a large scale temper tantrum take place. A violent tantrum including breaking furnature and screaming. Note the mug shot provided after his second DUI arrest. Daniel William Ford now has two outstanding warrants in Indiana for his arrest. One, issued for a Probation Violation. This sociopath will never take accountability for his actions and “blame shifts” the result of his actions on others. Check the DOB of 04/08/1973 for accuracy and to protect yourself. Daniel William Ford lives in a world of lies, threats, and manipulation. Run ladies, unless you enjoy a shattered life.

November 9th, 2015 by
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