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Dante Graham, Jacksonville, Florida

This alleged deadbeat Dante Graham of Jacksonville, Florida has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: D.O.B: 07//14/1979n Height: 6-05n Address: 10836 Copper Hill Dr Jacksonville, Florida 32218n Phone: (904)805-5399; His daughter is 2 1/2 years old and heÕs only visited her 3 times. He just informed me that heÕs not in her life b/c heÕs about to get married and he have another baby on the way. He said that if I want him to be a part of her life then I need to do my part and bring her to Florida, so he can be a part of her life. He said if I canÕt do that, I will have to be both parents. Only an imbecile would say something like this. IÕm sick and tired of already having to provide by myself and he pick and choose the months he want to help out. This man is so ignorant. IÕm having a hard time putting him on child support b/c he have family members that reject the certified mail & say he doesnÕt live there. HeÕs a scum, pathetic, heÕs the lower than a deadbeat to me. So thatÕs what deadbeats do once another child come along they donÕt care about the other. You donÕt care about this childÕs needs nor wants. He posts pictures I send him all over his FB like heÕs a proud father. I send him pics daily so he can see how great of a parent I am & how good weÕre doing even though heÕs not helping. He post pictures on FB, but he need to hashtagÉ In the clothes her mom bought her, in the shoes her mom bought, the jewelry her mom bought her, the places her mom is taking her, etc. He post pics and says how he miss her, but he need to tell the truth about how heÕs not in her life b/c he donÕt want to be. He can continue to post how much he miss her, how smart she is, great she is, etc. but he need to remember the greatness comes from me. IÕm doing it all alone she doesnÕt even know you Dante a.k.a Bonadfied Dt whatever you call yourself. Ppl need to know that heÕs a deadbeat & that I hope ppl share this all over the world, so ppl can know the truth. Ppl can also look him up on YouTube @ Swatboi MafiaÉ He goes by the name Bonafied Dt & have a video called back to the pack 2.

April 29th, 2017 by
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