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Dave Williams, Beaverton (ish), Oregon

This alleged deadbeat Dave Williams of Beaverton (ish), Oregon has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: The story is so long it pains me to re-live it! DAVID ERIC WILLIAMS is a college educated, degreed, former business owner, and former successful insurance adjuster.Dave doesnt want to pay child support. In fact he goes out of his way to avoid paying it. Despite having his licenses revoked, he still drives- I have a video and pictures of him driving away from the court house (where he is currently being charged with CONTEMPT) where he claimed he is unable to find work because he Òcant driveÓ. He opened and operated an insurance adjusting comapny with his girlfriend Kimberley Ann Oakes (aka:Handy, Valentine, Ekstrand, & Johnson)and didnt affiliate himself with the business (so he wouldnt be garnished), but adjusted the claims a.k.a making the money for the company. He is more than 30K in back support. another 75K+ in medical premiums, cost fees, contempt charges, attorney fees (awarded to me after his multiple attempts to drag me into and out of court) He DOESNT see our children Ð own his own accord and now not able to because of a court judgement stating he needs mental health eval/and couseling. DAVID ERIC WILLIAMS claimed unemployment while working (under the table) for QUALITY ADJUSTING INC.

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