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Deadbeat Dad Jathan Kyle

Deadbeat Dad Jathan Kyle is a deadbeat located in Deadbeat Dads
Why is Deadbeat Dad Jathan Kyle a deadbeat?
Jathan Kyle Slinkard ran out on his kids when his oldest was one year old and the other was six months from being born. This guy is the true definition of a deadbeat. He currently owes over $30,000 dollars in child support and thinks he is going to get away without paying it. Well the joke is on him. I have recently been in contact with the FBI who has decided to help me out with this case. He thinks living out of state is safe. It was. It will not be anymore. You hear that, Jathan? We are getting criminal non-support charges under Federal law filed against you. Also, the IRS is interested in where you are getting your income. Have not filed taxes in how long? You pissed off the wrong mother!

November 20th, 2016 by
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