Dwayne Newnam, Christiana, Delaware

This alleged deadbeat Dwayne Newnam of Christiana, Delaware has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Our son was born with a very rare disability. He is now 10 years old and has not seen his dad since he was 3. I constantly give Dwayne updates on our son and he is completely uninterested. Many trips to the ER and ÒdadÓ was a no show. Over a dozen surgeries and ÒdadÓ was a no show. For the first 8 years only paid the minimum in child support. Quit a decent full time job to get paid under the table so he could fly under the radar and only have to pay minimum. As of 2015 still only pays $75 more than minimum. I had to pay for a ramp for our son, a wheelchair, medicines and everything by myself. Insurance only covers so much. Our son is now getting close to 100 lbs and can not walk or talk and has to be spoon fed. You think IÕd get a little bit of a break and his dad would step in and help out but because our son isnÕt a ÒnormalÓ child, he doesnÕt want anything to do with him.

September 20th, 2017 by
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