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Edward G Werner, Jackson nj, Colorado

This alleged deadbeat Edward G Werner of Jackson nj, Colorado has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: After 15 years of a rocky marriage I filed for divorce. My ex, a very controlling person, had a hard time dealing with not being in control. During the course of the marriage I was a stay at home mom of 4 children, during the later years of our marriage my ex started making decisions job wise. He was an attorney, he made decisions changed jobs making less money, with no regard for myself or the children. What his goal was. Was to build up a client base, and then open his own practice. Which is exactly what he did , the only problem is that he never built up a client base. So now we have a mortgage , 2 car payments no health insÉÉand no income, plus now a rent for an office, telephone computer etc.. We barely got by financially before , now complete craziness. I couldnÕt take it, I was going to leave, but I stayed and tried to mSke it work. He had no income, I eventually started working at walmart in an attempt to get health ins. 3 months later we lost out oldest son to a senseless crime. We got a bit closer, however the same problems reserviced. After a year or so I finally retained an attorney. Mr Werner started to become agitated when confronted with issues and became a bit violent. A tro was issued. Sometime after that, a property settlement sgreement was drawn up. And thatÕs when it really started , I was in and out of the courts since. I made the mistake of lowering the support thinking it would make things more peaceful between us so we can parent our children, well thst didnÕt work, he bought me out of the martial home , and then refused to pay the mortgage, which my name was still on the deed. And refused to pay the lowed amount of support. After 21/2 years and 35,000 $ later we were divorced. appr 4 months later he started filing motions refusing to pay the agreed amount of support. My final bill was in excess of 55,000$. The courts continued, however I started rep myself, this continued for a number of years. Me Werner finally during the course of all this landed a job making over $100,000, things got quiet for a little while until mr werner got fired. Mr werner called not me to tell me, but his children who were 14 16 and 19 at the time. Again the courts, he retained a lawyer, I rep myself, the judge denied his request, because he didnÕt show he was even trying to find employment, during this time he had told both of my daughters why he wasnÕt going to find work. I suggested to his lawyer that we can try to come to some kind of lower figure for support, the response was. Ó me werner is too busy with his lawsuit against the state (for firing him) for negotiations. I was getting payments for a short time. Which dwindled and eventually stopped. Probation intervened, he had a court date, which he did not go to. They issued a bench warrent for not showing up, he was picked up a couple of times, where they collected a very very small portion of what he owed. É.then big mistake no. 2, he called me pleading call them stop the bench warrant, just until I get on my feet. So I did, they temp lifted it for 6 weeks, he took that time to run away!! Last and final mistake made by me, I lowered support agAin, I went to the courts had it lowered, I attempt to get something to help my now college kids, and him as wellÉ.Õ I received 3 partial payments he stopped working because he said they were taking too much out of his check, which if Couse made no sense because it wasnÕt even a full payment, and again the amount was something he agreed to,. As of today he owes me in excess of $160,000, and now calls my children dAily that I hAve to wipe away all the arrears. The system didnÕt do much when he was here, they never really tried to get the monies owed, and the best is for the pAst 4 to 5 years the federal govt was involved , so it was out of probations hands. And you couldnÕt talk to anyone in the federal govt. and the windup is , the federal govt is not taking the case because they canÕt prove a paycheckÉ. Well how stupid is that, if you could prove a paycheck IÕd be getting child support because it would be garnished. Somy kids struggle like crazy, and itÕs so unjust, and I still only work at walmart and Wawa as well. While he gets to screw around !!

October 5th, 2017 by
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