Erick Means of Batesburg/Lexington, SC

Warning! Narcissist on the loose! Erick Means is no man. He has chosen women, the most recent a 42 year old from the Batesburg/Lexington, SC area, over his 13 year old daughter. Instead of trying to nurture a healthy relationship with his daughter after showing how verbally aggressive and abusive towards her mother he can be, this POS goes over a month without seeing his daughter in order to chase tail! Then brags to his daughter about it! Wonder if Miss Right Now knows of his intentions and how she is being played! He is very neglectful of anyone and anything he comes into contact with. As long as it makes him look good he will keep that person or thing around. But the moment he feels intimidated or the person no longer serves a purpose he throws them away. He is toxic!! He actually has a problem with paying child support and has had to be court ordered to do so through the court!!! He went a year and a half of not trying to support his daughter! The women he is chasing he is only wanting one thing! This sick twisted monkey even compared his new 42 year old to his ex wife to his daughter and then wonders why she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He is evil and mean! He thinks nothing of holding a woman down and hurting her while he gets his sadistic tastes fulfilled. That is the only way he gets pleasure is through hurting women! He will play victim. He enjoys saying the most nastiest of things only to then deny he did. He had cheated on his wife since they got together in 1991. First a girl from HS, next a girl from college AFTER proposing to his wife only to go on to two more during the marriage. He is the appedomy of white trash!!!

September 29th, 2015 by
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