George Arias, Baltimore, Maryland

This alleged deadbeat George Arias of Baltimore, Maryland has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: I have 3 boys by this deadbeat/doner!! We have been divorced for almost 5 years and he has seen my boys maybe 20 times in the 5 years!! As of right now he hasnÕt seen them in 1 year, doesnÕt call, no gifts on birthdays or holidays, etc. He is only supposed to pay $700 per month for all 3 of my boys and he is more than capable of paying, but he just waits until they are gonna suspend his license and then pays the minimum!! He raises a child that doesnÕt belong to him and had ANOTHER child with his new wife (who is was sleeping with while I was pregnant with my 3rd son. IÕve known this bitch her whole life, watched her grow up across the st from me) and she donÕt give 2 fucks thatÕs sheÕs with a man that doesnÕt take care of his kids smdh!! SheÕs worse then he is!! She has a child by a man that WANTS to see his child and pays his child support on time every month and she keeps her child away from the dad and makes her child call my deadbeat baby daddy ÒdadÓ and if the kid donÕt call him dad, they punish the kid smh!! Just recently I filed for modification of child support and since HeÕs been served with the papers he rides past my youngest sons bus stop and tries to pick him up and take him to school smdhÉmy baby barely knows this man!! IÕve NEVER kept him away from my boys, I NEVER speak ill of this deadbeat to my boys bc I want them to form their own opinion of him!! He sells drugs, sells cars, has rental properties, and his own business, but canÕt support the children he made?!?! His wife is so fucking insecure that she doesnÕt mind him not getting his kids so he doesnÕt have to deal with me!! The bitch needs to realize I donÕt want her husband, I had that fag for 15 yrs, I handed him to her!! I offered to go through her so he could see my boys, this way there was NO EXCUSES!! That didnÕt work out either!! Nothing works for a mfer that doesnÕt want to be a father to his kids!! I will NEVER understand it!! My oldest son plays football and heÕs been to 1 or 2 games and heÕs played since he was 4! He has brought dudes to my house where my children lay their head to fight my boyfriend Smfh!! He talked about my boyfriend and I so bad to my children the very few times he did see them!! He kicked my oldest son out of his house one time and he NEVER wanted to go back again!! This deadbeat has had a horse shoe up his ass for years and IÕm hoping it finally falls out when we go back to court this time!! He is a cheater, abuser, and a all around not a nice person at all!! HeÕs done his best to try and make it look like my fault that he doesnÕt see my boys, and honestly there has been nothing but space and opportunity for him to be a father and he chose NOT to be!! My boys are 13,6,&5 and believe me IÕve struggled with no help from him, but we made it through and my boys appreciate me and everything IÕve been through and done to raise them!! Every one of them are fantastic boys, honor roll every quarter in school, very respectful, and they love their momma so much!! This deadbeat should have his balls cutt off bc he doesnÕt deserve to have other children when he doesnÕt take care of the ones he already has!! IÕm no longer angry bc my boys have a great man that raises them!! This deadbeat has missed out on being apart of 3 of the greatest little boys lives and it is his LOSS!!

February 12th, 2017 by
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