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Haiston Micheal Green, Corona, California

This alleged deadbeat Haiston Micheal Green of Corona, California has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: SO this story is much like that of many others . Haiston got married to a girl who was 17 and had a daughter with her and then proceeded to cheat on her the rest od the marriage with his battles wives while they were deployed . He took off for Arizona by himself and didnt tell anyone that he was going . He was served with divorce papers and a parenting plan followed that ordered him to pay 174 a month in child support . He has made payments on and off but only when it has been his mother doing so or it has been a state taking it from his paycheck but never of his own will. He is collecting BAH to attend school from the VA of close to 2 grand a month . But refuses to pay his child support . He is currently 5462.83 in arrears in child support . He lives in California and his child lives in Montana . He has supervised visitation to her but doesnt even take the time to see her or even call her . He missed her first birthday to attend a friends and didnt see her again until 2010 and that was for only 30 minutes after her mom had to harp on him to do so and then again in 2012 by accident when he went to a friends house where his daughter was visiting the family friend and again for a few minutes and then he left and hasnt seen her since and doesnt keep in contact with her .

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