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James Elmer Walker the 2nd Aka Walker Bey Aka Bey, blue island, Illinois

This alleged deadbeat James Elmer Walker the 2nd Aka Walker Bey Aka Bey of blue island, Illinois has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: I met James 1999 in mold mn. Fell hard and quick. Got a place together by around may 2000 I was pregnant. I chose to move with him to his hometown to be close to his family so my child would have that family bond I never had. He put our things in storage. We moved into his parents home.they were already raising two of his teenagers. He got a job. All seemed well till he started smoking crack weed and drinking. Never coming home and when he did physically fight me and verbally. One night a tv fell on me and he was nowhere to be found. Next day we found him at work which was a shock cause he had not been going. He took me to the dr. Did not want to go inside. Eventually did. Dr told him i needed to go to er immediately. He took me and left me while doctors were asking questions..did not tell me or anyone he was leaving. Left no money for cab foodÉI had no idea how long i would be there. He told no-one i was at the er. The hospital paid my cab ride back to his parents. I tried and tried to get him to do right. His mother wanting me to just not say anything to him that he will straighten up. It never happened. I had left once before and came back but it had got to the point I couldnÕt do it anymore. I had a car in mpls back home at a friends house cause when i left the first time I drove when i came back I took the train. I agreed to give up my car just so I could be picked up and took back to mpls. I call the storage place and he had not paid on it. His mom that evening gave me$100 before i made that call.I could get my stuff for $100 or have a $100 to get by till i found a job. I kept the $100.lost everything from childhood on up. Stayed with the friend for a while..ended up homelessÉ Eventually got a place. Attempted to keep in contact with him for the sake of my child. He knew when I was going to have a c section. I wired him 100 to show and he didnt. He smoked it and pretended he was on his way. When my child was a little over a yr I filed support. I lived in Oklahoma by then. He was found in a halfway house back in mpls.I asked them to Give him a month before they made him pay me cause he had to then and just started work. I maybe got 3 $80- checks.by this time I was speaking to him.I told him that I would continue to keep him informed of my son and try to be supportive in him trying to get right but that of he started to speak to someone he needed to go to her for support. He was slick and tried to get both. Shortly after that the woman contacted me telling me he beat her and she was pregnant. I said my peace and said i canÕt help her. Throughout the yrs i have been able to locate him. IÕve allowed him to speak to my child once or twice without my child knowing he was his dad in hopes he would act right and not tell my son because i knew he wouldnÕt and i didnÕt want to go through the call my dad..why hasnt my dad call. IÕve asked for help and got none. IÕve offered him to visit but no drugs or alcohol and he said he was a grown ass man and could do what he wanted. I spoke to him a few yrs ago and that did not go well at all. To my knowledge he has had at least 2 more since my son. Oklahoma closed my child support case because they claim they can not find him. So heÕs never even been to jail and IÕve never got a check. He has a grown daughter who is on my sonÕs Facebook and he also has a Facebook. My sonÕs name is spelled different not hard to spell and he has never contacted me nor my son on fbk. I have not said anything on fbk either. My child is now 15.yrs old and has never met him and it hurts him. HeÕs quick to take care of kids that are not his or that he claims are not his but has nothing to do with my son. I dont know if he lives with his mother in blue island still or not but she has lived in that house all his life and he is 52 now.He has missed out on a great smart kid. My child has aspergers and his brain produces all 3 types of seizures which he doesnÕt even know because i have not spoken to him in a long time. I always find a# to reach him on the internet so you would think if he have a shit he would look for his son too but he hasnÕt.

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