James M. Hall Arcadia from Florida


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James Marcus Hall AKA Diny, Mark was born 12-29-1982 lives in Arcadia, Florida and is currently $20,066.72 behind in child support, his beliefs are if I do not have anything to do with them I do not have to pay. He works for Steve Blackmon and other flooring company’s in Southwest Florida. He thinks if he finds a job showing he makes less then minimum wage he can file for a Modification to have his payments reduced. He refuses to show tax returns to the court so the court does not know how much he really makes. He goes to restaurants and bars, drives around on suspended license not for child support but for DUI’S. The bad thing is he does not realize how much of a loser he really is, he believes men should not support their children. He is missing out, on the most important part of his life and when he is in that nursing home waiting to die he will look back to realize how much of a sorry pathetic of a person he really is and how lonely his life was.

October 12th, 2015 by
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