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Joe Fields, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This alleged deadbeat Joe Fields of Colorado Springs, Colorado has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Do you know Joe?n Having a buddy like Joe, is just that much fun. He has skills, man skills, in construction and experience in many trades. He can build things, fix things; and if you ask Joe, heÕll stop by and help set that foundation, frame those windows and do it correctly because heÕs Joe.n LetÕs see, Joe likes racing, fishing, camping or just hanging out with his buds and having a few brews. Who wouldnÕt like a buddy like Joe, always there, will always buy you that first beer, and if you have a fishing trip, heÕs in.n Then you notice something, Joe never talks about his family, his wife, kids and there is a good reason. Has he forgotten about his two children? He hasnÕt seen them for years most likely because he owes the kids over $50878.16 in child support. How can a man forget about his children and their welfare? We know he has lots of family members in Idaho, Nevada and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We canÕt understand why even one of them doesnÕt grab Joe by the back of the neck and Òsay hey dude, theyÕre your kids and do the right thingÓ. ThatÕs another story but, if he were my brother, heÕd know my concerns.n So if youÕre at the shop, on the job site or just hanging out for a brew and you see Joe, ask how his kids are doing. Tell him he is not only hurting his kids financially but by not being a real father, when kids always need their father in their lives.n Fun guy Joe; http://www.videolocators.com/Contact.aspx?id=2191

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