Jose (pepe) Pedraza-cervantes, Madison, Wisconsin

This alleged deadbeat Jose (pepe) Pedraza-cervantes of Madison, Wisconsin has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This man right here has 3 beautiful children with me. (2 boys and a daughter). After leaving his abusive,drug addict, alcoholic assÉhe went on to have 5 more children with 2 other women of whom he is not with and does not support any of her children eitherÉeven though they live in the same city. I however, have moved far far away and do it on my own each and every day. He has never paid anything for our kids, hell he doesnÕt even ask about them at all but has the nerve to try to add them on FB just to stalk their pictures. So I allowed it for a little bit thinking that perhaps heÕd try to speak to them, to be somewhat of a father..u know, wishing happy birthdays ect. But nope..not even through FB could he with them a happy birthday or anything. So I blocked and deleted him off of their pages. They are teenagers now and despise him. Their dad is the man that IÕve been with and thatÕs been there for them in all aspects for the past 12 yearsÉmy husband. If you see this manÉ.steer clear. HeÕs in his 40_s, he shaves his head because he is balding, and he likes to get with young girls (17-25). He goes to ravesÉdoes all kinds of drugs; acid, coke, crack, meth, u name it, he does it. He canÕt fight for shitÉexcept for a females and childrenÉheÕs real good at took him almost killing me for me to finally leave..(wouldÕve gone sooner had I not been in a foreign country and knew where I was going and what I was doing as we spent a good majority of our years together in Mexico City and I didnÕt want to ask my parents for help, as I didnÕt want them to know what I was going through). Thankfully here I am today married to a much different man (12 years now) and heÕs the father that my kids have always wanted. They know no other.

June 29th, 2017 by
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