Joseph Elias Cota-cruz, Buckeye, Arizona

This alleged deadbeat Joseph Elias Cota-cruz of Buckeye, Arizona has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This garbage wont step up and take care of his son, he will pay the minimum child support only when theres a court hearing coming up, he acts like hes a good father in court but once its done he goes back to thinking hes a thug and rapper. Me and my wife have been going to court to get the courts permission for relocation due to the fact that im active duty military and the courts deny it. This kid is only doing this out of spite of my wife and because his mommy told him to. Well his son is there and he never contacts him or asks how hes doing or if hes still alive. I have a child with my wife whos almost two years old that ive gotten to spend maybe 3 months with because I dont want to be an asshole and make my wife move and leave my stepson with his man-child father. Ive been providing everything for him since I married my wife food, clothes, shelter and medical/dental that the court ordered his father had to provide which he hasnt and wont because he cant hold a job he prefers to go out and party and smoke weed then his sons health. He currently has active warrants for his arrest stemming from failure to appears to possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia that he had while my stepson was with him. Now I have to get out of the military so I can be with my family because he wont let my stepson leave the state and I cant get stationed in AZ because that option isnt available for me right now. Why do I have to give up how I provide for my family and something that I love doing for a deadbeat garbage man-child to be with his son supposedly who he never makes an attempt to see except when its time for court?? Why is it that the police cant get this guy hes a deadbeat dad isnt that one of their big issues that they crack down on???? I actually do something for this country this loser just plays the system. Can something please change

April 12th, 2017 by
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