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Josh Korder, Winona, Minnesota

This alleged deadbeat Josh Korder of Winona, Minnesota has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Oh boyÉwhere do I even start with this winner? LetÕs just say that my daughter is his oldest (That I know of). He left me pregnant in 2005. Then knocked another girl up and left her pregnant (she ended up having to give her baby up for adoption because she couldnÕt find him to help her and she didnÕt have her familyÕs support). Fast forward a few years and he gets married and she gets pregnant with twins. While she is in the hospital miscarrying one of the babies, he is having sex and living with another girl in AK (He was in the army and was based in AK at this time, his wife was in MN with her family since he was to go overseas). They divorced a few years later and then we recently found out within the last year that he has 2 more children out there with 2 other women. He is only in 1 of his childrenÕs lives because he canÕt deny her because he was married to the mother. So we counted how many children he would have if all the women he knocked up had the babiesÉhe would have 11 (that we know of!!). He ACTUALLY has 5 children and he denies all but the one. My daughter will be 10 this year. She doesnÕt know him, and he has never paid a cent in child support. And FL will not get off their asses to help me get that child support. LadiesÉ.STAY AWAY FROM THIS DOUCHE!!! OhÉand if he looks familiarÉhe was on TV last June talking about Bowe Bergdahl being a deserterÉ.isnÕt that the pot calling the kettle black?!

July 16th, 2017 by
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