Karly Ugly Chae, Quincy, Massachusetts

This alleged deadbeat Karly Ugly Chae of Quincy, Massachusetts has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Girl you need to really shut the fuck up talking about u Indy get to speak on something you need to speak on why your baby daddy was fucking Maya and the rest of the world before he got locked up heÕs not even a real niqqa your baby is ugly as fuck he looks like a mix of you and the BD mind you your calling sheeme your brother but does Tonye know you was fucking him? Your sister is a ATL hoe trying to come back to Boston acting like sheÕs single and donÕt have time for the fuckeyyyyyyyy you hoes are weak your mom needs to move off Norfolk street in that raggedy house with you buck tooth ugly ass brother .. She probably killed your dad with her long faced looks bitch .. Your not a mom you always call cel family every weekend when itÕs time to go out cause ur the turnip queen but you look like a horse? Des Montana fucked your baby father and your still dick riding him while tht bitch got a 20 year old boyfriend that take cares of her off his moms expense lol Come on KOKE CHAE do better !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please ugly

February 25th, 2017 by
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