Kory Jason Kidd, Millikan CO, Colorado

This alleged deadbeat Kory Jason Kidd of Millikan CO, Colorado has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Shame on this morally-bankrupt, mentally ill misfire of a man, heartless and horrible enough to abandon his two young, bewildered children not once but TWICE, THIS after 6 long formative years without a single call or letter or care about their feelings, needs,faults, fears, personalities, painful experiences, proud moments, attempts at perseverance being without a daddy É. ADD that to the consistent evasive manipulation of the child support system, dodging garnishment of the minimal child support he was ordered to pay in 2009 when he first bailed . His parents the lying dumbs gamblers ken and Sherri Kidd will pay off KoryÕs school loan if he cuts out the kids who dared to trust him last summer, but theyÕll lie and grok you genre trying to see the kids but their mother refuses,É Their MOTher has never been asked, and no Kidd has ever tried to know either child other than the impersonal and unfitting guilt gifts they send on major holidays .. No visit or callÉ ItÕs a lie and theyÕre hiring their $$ while the children are going without. SHAME ON KORY KIDD FOR BREAKING HIS SON & daughters heartsÉ.twice and I guess forevermore. You taught them all the wrong things Kory. YouÕre a disgrace and I hate you for the pain and sorrow and psychological pro nines you have caused our innocent children yo suffer, IÕd hate to have to anticipate the cruel karma youÕre gonna feel one dayn Shame on you too, ken and Sherri Kidd. Your whole tax evading, alcoholic gambling addicted lives are a bug time lie in a small town story, boo!! Pay your debts!

June 25th, 2017 by
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