Kristin Coombs, Wilmington /Leland nc, North Carolina

This alleged deadbeat Kristin Coombs of Wilmington /Leland nc, North Carolina has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Kristin Danielle Coombs, March 30th, 1989 from Wilmington, IÕve have had enough of your sorry fake ass for years your a two face friend and a whore . If you all know her please read really close . Where to start ? IÕll start bye saying we been friends for years . And IÕve watched you be the biggest two faced bitch I know . Jesse you remember him the one you cheated on with over 8 guys was it fun when he threw your ass out the door butt ass necked when he walked in on you fucking another guy lmao . Your sister a junkie . A piece of shit mom . Your moms sleeping with a guy you and your sister fucked like ugh talk about keeping it the family . You sleep with nicole boyfriend behind her back. And your car wreck was the cause of you giving head while driving ! And letÕs talk about last year with Brandon u fuck how many lmao this girl is fake and for everyone I know I want to tell you the dirt on this bitch and will in the next to days she had a abortion at 14 cause didnÕt know who the dad was . And again when jessi left you cause once again u didnÕt know who the daddy was . ItÕs good u donÕt have kids look at your brother son he sit in prison and his babyÕs momma slamming dope in her arms and yet you or your mom sit back and let dss take the child cause you r both a piece of shit . LetÕs put last summer on blast to not that the truths out . You r a home wecker you destroys peopleÕs life . See Kristin tells everyone that she was not fucking this dude name Rickie . No bitch you went in that man house and fucked him knowing his girl was in jail . How does that make you feel you told everyone this girl was jealous of you lies Kristin IÕd want to bet your ass to in you was up in her house well everything She own was there so what did Kristin do she told everyone this girl was scared of her but yet Kristin tell the truth you ran to the cops all scared cause a real bitch called you out on your shit so when this Rickie guys found out who you really was told you to get the fuck out so what you do sorry ass bitch Kristin you took that girls shit all the way down to her bra and underwear like u nasty bitch and you brag about it does Justin know when you stared fucking him your ass was still fucking that ugly dude at the same time This bitch will do anything for a dick up in her . Please blast this bitch she Trailer trash just like her mom living in her single wide. Kristin how does it feel to be laid up in another bitches bed with her man wearing all her shit do you sleep well at night knowing your a whore? DonÕt worry pay back a bitch we know Justin about done with your sorry ass too .

December 29th, 2017 by
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