Leonard Òdungeon Masta Ó Culver, Massachuttes albany brooklyn, New York

This alleged deadbeat Leonard Òdungeon Masta Ó Culver of Massachuttes albany brooklyn, New York has been posted to ihatedeadbeats.com and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Im not here to slander no one name or lie about anything im simply stating facts and here to help mothers who are looking for their baby father for child support too many women are struggling and these men are not taking responsibility leonard Òdungeon mastaÓculver is his name he is a manipulator and a liar he uses wu tang clan and brooklyn zu and claims he is family of ol dirty bastard to get women he do know odb but he is not a wu tang clan member he has 3 children that he do he claim one in springfield Massachusetts a son asom a daughter in virginia khia and one older son who lives down south in his 20_s who curses him out and dont have nothing to do with him he dont take care of none of the three he do claim but come to find out he has more kids in springfield and in Massachusetts that he dont claim and a youung baby about a year old in KENTUCKY which he told the young girl to get a abortion and he left to move to albany ny to live his address is 2 mcpherson terrace apt 2 albany ny 12207 he also be at his moms house who live in bed sty brooklyn ny i will give that address when i get it ladies he using woman to get money and he begs for money he go afer promotors and women in the music industry such as models singers and rappers cause they are the ones putting his name out there he also have a radio station on the internet that he pay for every month its www.sohloproradio.com his contact information is also on there he is also currently on ssi so all his info is in the system his payee is his brother so he needs to put it towards his kids get a life and take care of them again i was told this site is to help the mothers locate their deadbeat baby father and i hope i at lease help one baby mother because theres several

June 18th, 2017 by
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