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Mark Effinger

Bloodsucking Leech. Narcissist. Pathological Liar. Deadbeat Dad. Criminal Record. Cheater. Where do I begin? He”s the most selfcentered, manipulative jerk on Earth. Not particularly handsome, he has a huge overbite which makes him look like one of the Simpsons. And he”s losing his hair. Totally obsessed with himself and his body. Hasn’t held a job in years, I”ve seen him leech off of socalled business ”partners” who usually dump him or throw him out after a few months. He’s also obsessed with making quick, easy money. Ironically I inherited half a million dollars after I dumped the cockroach…dodged a bullet!! Unless you enjoy serving his every whim and picking up the tab avoid him like all the STDs he has.

November 1st, 2014 by
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