Rogelio Garcia, Chris Carmona, Eric Dick Use 911 Tragedy To Harass In Lawsuit

Very un -American attorneys Rogelio Garcia, Chris Carmona and Erick Dick have had me served on 911 with a motion to jail me for my speech for 39.5 years, had a police officer interrogate me on 911, filed pleadings invoking the Holocaust on 911 against me and numerous pleadings claiming they have been “electronically lynched”. They whine in court that they have been shown cultural insensitivity. What culture I ask? If their claims are reflective of their “culture” why should anyone respect their “culture”. To them a cultural insult and hate speech is anything that reveals how evil they are. Why should anyone have respect for a “culture” or individual that does not believe in fairness or equality?

September 21st, 2015 by
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