Ronte Grantham, raleigh, North Carolina

This alleged deadbeat Ronte Grantham of raleigh, North Carolina has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Ronte aka Tay, Sk Slaughter, Willie, is a habitual liar, cheater, a hoe that has a bunch of scattered kids in various states. Sleeps with anyone he can not using protection so beware cause he may have AIDS! He doesnÕt claim or take care of his kids. He goes from woman to woman playing games lying and making a bunch of babies. HeÕs only 33 & has been married several times. HeÕs broke working dead end jobs but will take his checks & trick them off with other women and there kids but wonÕt take care of his own. HeÕs a DEADBEAT BUM thatÕs never had his own, lays his head wherever he can, so he falls in love very quick for a place to stay. BEWARE! Also uses anyone he can to stay with them. HeÕs known to keep STDÕs was in Detroit burning everyone so be careful! Unsure of his whereabouts now but heÕs from Raleigh, NC.

December 26th, 2017 by
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