Ruben Galicia, Charlotte, North Carolina

This alleged deadbeat Ruben Galicia of Charlotte, North Carolina has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This is Ruben Galicia of Galicia Concrete Inc and K&G Concrete Inc out of Charlotte North Carolina. Please do NOT give work to him or WORK for him! This man had a crew of 4 men on a job in Newport News Virginia. They were NOT PAID for over a month! Right before Thanksgiving when the crew started insisting on their pay he kept them working by telling them their checks were mailed to their homes, would be delivered via FED EX or he would come to the job site to hand deliver them. ALL WHICH NEVER HAPPENED!!!These men are all hispanic workers and had to pass not only the holidays without money or food/rent/gifts for their families/rent money but to this day continue to keep asking for their pay to no avail. They call him on the phone, email him, send messages via Facebook but he will not answer anyone. He is a SCUMBAG, THIEF, LIAR and a FRAUD. His company is in Charlotte North Carolina but he does work in Tennessee (where he stiffed another employee for 600.00) Virginia, Florida, North Carolina,Mexico (that I know of so far}.There is a store called La Tapitia in Virginia Beach that cased previous employee checks for his company to the tune of 16,000.00 that he never made good on and that store is in the processing of taking him to court for a judgement. If you see this guy or his spouse Karen Higareda Galicia (yeah we tried reaching her too) stay away! FAR AWAY!!! I messaged them on FB but they blocked me, wonÕt answer my emails or my phone calls. ESTE PENDEJO DEBE DE TENER VERGUENZA!!!

February 28th, 2017 by
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