Shaun C Spanos, Dracut, Massachusetts

This alleged deadbeat Shaun C Spanos of Dracut, Massachusetts has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: I am the custodial parent to two children Shaun and I adopted together. Shaun decided he was Òdone with being a fatherÓ in 2008.n We divorced, however wanting to be friends, I did everything I could to make life pleasantn Shaun utilized the ONE moment I was not around to run to the court, complain of abuse, both for him and our children by me Ð at the two week hearing, his case was dismissed with prejudice because he admitted HE LIED! I have this on audio FROM THE COURT.n Then, with his attorneys help, he transferred our case out of NH and into MA, so that he would have less to explain, because in NH, where jurisdiction lies, he would have had no such luck.n It bothered me that he was able to do this? I later learned that my own attorney should have recused herself due to her contact and affiliation with him. Also, I personally caught his lawyer falsifying documents, literally creating them, then creating another, that looked older. The newer one was then brought into the court, and she asked for a updated charge against me.n She erred, by putting my address on the newer form, but dated it for the time she wanted this to be effective, however, I did not live their, nor did I know I would.n Shaun also had his hand in the cookie jar, when his attorney apparently had a relationship with the GAL. He paid her $8,000 to write a report that was SO bias, it made me question me? In total, the report was 57 pages, single-spaced; size 8 font, and she placed 2 actual pages onto one side and 2 on the other of one sheet, making the report 114 pages long. Then, she actually wrote pages 3-54 with 21 witnesses in his favor, and she only contacted 4 of mine, on the day it was dueÉ. I had given her 17. She had the audacity to actually totally make up what she was told by my own parents, sibling and new spouse. NONE in my section was true, if it were, that would mean my parents think I am terrible? And my dad is a genius, the words where not even in his vocabulary.n Shaun also had not had contact with 80% of the people in his portion. I learned this one day when I asked how the kids sleepovers where going, I read this in reportÉ. My kids had NO Idea!n Shaun owes in arrearage $6,000 plus interest.n Shaun has hidden assets.n Shaun has managed to dodge modifying child support for 4 years, which should be raised from its current order to $498 weekly.n Shaun, the GAL and his Attorney are pretty slick. They have the judge wrapped around the finger.n Shaun will soon have a TORT claim to face, due to his actions that nearly cost my life in July 2013.n He claims I am ÒnutsÓ however, my report states Òdiagnosis, insomnia, anxiety r/t current court processÓ his labels him with Explosive Personality Disorder.

November 17th, 2017 by
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