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This alleged deadbeat Edwin Davis the 3rd of Chicago, Illinois has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This deadbeat works for 3 months and didnÕt even buy his daughter NOTHING . He says I DONÕT want to be around her mother , but when he comes to visit , itÕs at 2am ???n NOW THIS IS THE KILLER PART !!!n The bÉ.aas nigga leaves with his AUNT , who looks like the PREDATOR FRFRÉn SHE TELLS HIM THAT HE CANNOT BRING HIS ONLY CHILD IN HER HOUSE WITH HIM ??? BUT THE BÉ. LET HIM BRING A PIT BULL IN THE HOUSE TO LIVE .. WHAT KIND OF MAN ALLOWS SOMEBODY TO SAY HE CANT BRING HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD WHERE HE LIVES , BUT LETS HIM BRING A FÉÉ. DOG HOME WITH HIM !!!n WHAT KIND OF MAN LAYS HIS HEAD SOMEWHERE THAT HIS ONLY CHILD IS NOT WELCOME .. HIS CHILD IS ONLY 2yrs Old Én This deadbeat WONÕT EVEN TAKE HIS BABY TO MCDONALDÕS (2 blks )n This deadbeat so BOGUS he said Ó CALL SOME OTHER NIGGA TO TAKE HER TO SCHOOL ÒÓn This deadbeat RAN OFF WITH THE 5$ that he was given to by his baby some breakfast with !!!

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