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This alleged deadbeat Haneef Ansari/daricr of Ashland, Virginia has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This dude has 2 children 1 in another state and 1 that lived in the same area and hasnÕt seen them in a yearÕs from what the streets is saying . HeÕs a deadbeat dad to his kids and turned around and had 2 additional kids with a girl that look like a transsexual,looking like the dummy on the movie saw that stayed on that bike Darice lee. Secretly haneef and his brother like menn And the whole Ashland woods know she be beating the fuck outta haneef and she suck all these young niggas dick and would fuck for some gas her kids walking around hair nappy as hell with them dirty clothes on,she just trifling as helln He got fired from McDonalds 2 on Washington highway and got caught up in Ashland 1 by 95 having sex with the ppl he hire men or women he will fuck for some weed

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