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This alleged deadbeat India Bryant of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This whore ass bitch stay in some niggas faceÉthis bitch a drug mule stuffing drugs up her pussy taking it outta town never has her daughter & always got a nigga around her lil ugly assÉ.them sheÕs a bumb thatÕs stay fighting over a boy & stay slandering her childÕs father cause he donÕt want her wack ass this bitch claim to have this boy friend in jail but sucking niggas dick on the first night sje useless ass bitch fucked her cousins dude & still smile in her faceÉ.doesnÕt work NO JOB GOLD DIGGER ASS HOEÉon welfare & section 8 & do wack ass lashes calls her self bindie101 short for i will fuck your manÉ.she canÕt fight & built like a little boy & looks like one ole hoe ass bitch got shit handed to her by her fat ass momÉ.then the bumb bitch geeked to be driving some niggas cadi this bumb bitch is nothing of a good mother & just needs to shut he the fuck up weak ass hoeÉstop acting Bouji when every nigga already smashed that loose pussy bitch then all hoes never take there kids outta town bitch all u doing is the same thing u do here get FUCKED & suck dick for free

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