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This alleged deadbeat James Dodson of Gainesville, Texas has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: James has abandoned his youngest daughter since she showed up on a pregnancy test. He told me to get an abortion to save our relationship. I chose my child. That being said, James was offered many opportunities to just be there or sign his rights over. He refused. He then denied her being his but if she wasnÕt his, then why would he persist on me getting an abortion? I then filed child support because you will do something for her if you refuse to be there or sign over rights. He is $5000 in arrears. No contact visits, mail, phone calls, etc. He then moved in a woman named Rhonda with her 4 children(not his) that be chose to cater. James is a narcissist and liar. I even tried to contact his mother who I have never met. She insisted once that her son was dead, once that she does not have a son named James and once that her son had a restraining order on me(never got them) but it showed to me that even his own mother is an evil loon.I have been trying to terminate rights and drop support not that my daughter has received a penny owed. He has not gone to all 3 DNA testings nor any of the 10 court hearings to set up visitation. I recently have seen that he was arrested for nonpayment of child support and also assaulting a family member. We are still searching now that he is out on bail. He frequents Deer Park(Houston) and North Richland Hills(Grapevine). Help bring justice for my daughter.

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