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This alleged deadbeat Jamie Jo Brinkman-corne-boynton of Unknown, Iowa has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Currently this DEADBEAT and her ÒboyfriendÓ Marc Boynton are residing supposedly someplace in Iowa. But could be anywhere in the Midwest area. As long as they arenÕt TOO far from where her Mommy lives. Which is Brookings, South Dakota.; She STILL has six arrest warrants out for her in South Dakota. So, when she sneaks in to town for a visit they keep a VERY low profile.; She is currently claiming to be Jamie Boynton. Which is yet another LIE as thatÕs just another in her ever growing list of aliases.; Jamie changes her hair color on a regular basis in a vain attempt to throw both law enforcement and people off the track. Her FAVORITE colors are RED and BLONDE as seen by the attached photo.; She does NOT have any of the medical maladies that she claims to have. These include Cancer, Seizures, Lupus, Aspbergers as well as anything else she can use for a sob story.; NEITHER of them work and will constantly give you a variety of stories as to why they cannot pay bills. Ranging from the ÒI just started a jobÓ to the ÒI already sent you a checkÓ, and everything in between.; Jamie CLAIMS to have multiple college degrees. Which, in fact, she has absolutely NONE of them. She CLAIMS to be an Òfreelance investigative reporterÓ. But when pressed to provide any stories she cannot do so.; BE EXTREMELY WARY of Jamie as she is a DIAGNOSED SOCIOPATH with extremely violent tendencies.

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