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This alleged deadbeat Jason Riddle of Somewhere in, West Virginia has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: This Deadbeat Dad, Jason Riddle has supported his son Dakota Kenneth Riddle very little since DakotaÕs (CodyÕs) Birth: May, 1996; if totalled up IÕm thinking he may have paid no more than 2500.00??? Back in 2007 or around that year, Jason & wife Tonya hired one of Nash Counties stronger attornies, Spivey. Jason had not been paying any suppot & had 3 or 4 other children in his home with wife Tonya. Jason was winning the child custody case until me the momÕs mother and CodyÕs Grandmother Tammie Batchelor (formally Ames) hired Nana Mamood. Then all turned and I was awarded Custody of my grandson Dakota (Cody) Kenneth Riddle. Cody is 19 now and he is lost because of his parents but he is a good young man, only has made a couple mistakes as any other teen. CodyÕs Deadbeat dad hasnÕt paid any child support in several years with a min. at that time. Jason canÕt be located and the state of NC has stopped looking for Jason Riddle. Slack on DSS of Edgecombe Co for two reasons, first reason is this case should have been turned over to Nash County, NC back when Jason was denied custody running back to WV with his head hiding between his legs and second reason is the case worker could have gotten some child support from when Jason filed his taxes with his wife Tonya. Yes Jason is responsible for the other children he has fathered with Tonya but he made this choice and owes his first born back child support which should come first. Jason has a sister in Raleigh, her name is Carlina or Carlinda. His father is from Bunn Lake or maybe Lake Gaston, I think he lived close to Henderson. Please help me locate this deadbeat dad or his family. Thank You! Tammie Batchelor [email protected] or 252.903.4885

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