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This alleged deadbeat Jeff Brackett / Jeffrey Andrew Brackett / Jefbrack of Duluth, Minnesota has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Duluth Mn & Superior WI. Deadbeat: Has 5 year old daughter he only saw every 7-18 months when ex wife tracked him down, ditches child at whim, breaks promises to her, no-shows, owes over 5 large in back child support, will not willingly provide his court ordered 50 a month, but make over 3 grand a monthÉhe broke his childÕs heart at every opportunity he was given. HeÕs also a thief, narcissist, diagnosed personality disorder, fake, cold, liar, And physically abusive. Also has 2 sonÕs he abandoned 8 years ago in Brownwood, Texas who are now 18 & 25. He has a criminal record, theft, a felony, CDV, sited by CPS for Neglect, served time in jail for fraud, pretends to be/say he was a Cop, he never was.

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