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This alleged deadbeat Josh Costa of providence, Rhode Island has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: Long story short this ugly face right here is a coward with an extremely small d*ck. Refuses to give money to his childrenÕs mother, works as a truck driver, makes decent money and still wonÕt give a dollar. He thinks buying some shoes and a couple outfits makes him a good father. Spends who knows how much money on clothes and shelves but complains about paying child support, mad that his last childÕs mother has moved on to a real man, a real man who he actually knows and a real man who actually has a functioning penis. Refused to have sex with his daughters mother he should have been happy seeing as she is cute and he is unbelievably ugly and literally the smallest junk IÕve ever seen on an adult man. Would rather lose money trying to impress other men with his expensive clothes and shoes that nobody cares about, also talks junk about everyone constantly in peopleÕs business, sells pain pills and coke, lives in Washington park, sends his son to school in Massachusetts, complete tax cheat. Extremely controlling to whatever women he can actually get, unbelievably jealous and paranoid of being cheated on, but still wonÕt have sex, possibly a closet case also. But I feel bad, look how ugly he is.

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