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This alleged deadbeat Joshua Schumacher of Kenosha, Wisconsin has been posted to and identified as a deadbeat. The person writing the report told us about the reported deadbeat: My past with this loser is no longer of any importance. What is of importance is the fact that he refuses to support his son financially and goes to great lengths in order to do so. HeÕs many other things besides a deadbeat dadÉsuch as a drunk, frequent flyer at various jails/prisons for drinking related offences, serial father. I could go on and on really but I feel itÕs useless and anyone reading this gets the gist.At this point and the reason IÕm submitting this profile is because the WI child support system is a joke. This guy makes a payment a few times a year and because of that continues to get away with not paying consistently. IÕm sure most of you know a similar storyÉI file a contempt order he makes a measly payment of $50 or so, the court orders him to do job searches which he never provides proof of and it has just kept checking like this for the past 11 years. ItÕs a joke. IÕm sure this post wonÕt really result in any financial support for my awesome son but at least I feel better about publicly exposing this piece of trash.

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